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Suit Guide

When it comes to a men's wardrobe, the first thing that comes to mind will undoubtedly be a suit.From a young university student to a senior executive, even the oldest members of our family have at least a few suits in their wardrobe.Nowadays, suits have become a part of not only the business world or special occasions but also daily life.Sports suits made of knitted or innovative fabrics are now worn not only with shirts, but also with alternatives such as t-shirts, knitwear or sweatshirts.The important thing here is that the suit fabric or pattern is compatible with your body measurements.D'S damat's different suits with unique patterns, which are the result of intensive and detailed work by an expert team, are designed with the comfort of today's men in mind.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Suit:

Suits should suit our body type, neither too tight nor too loose; The top button should close easily from the front. When you button up the front button of your jacket, the chest part should not open towards the air or to the sides.The second point is the environment in which we will wear the suit. If we are considering it for a formal job, we should choose models with plainer or self-textured fabric without going into too many patterns. In terms of colors, dark blue and black should be the priority. If you are tall and athletic, you can choose TWN slim fit suits.If you like to wear sportswear and prefer a casual style, you can choose comfortable knitted fabric suits, which are also produced as one jacket and one trouser. You can wear it with a basic t-shirt or crew-neck melange knitwear.For a more classic and stylish environment, we can consider suits with vests or three-piece combinations made of fabrics that can be worn in all seasons.In hot summer months, unlined suits made of linen or linen-cotton blend fabric will be a good alternative. Light linen shirts make wearing a suit comfortable and stylish in the summer.For weddings, cocktails or special occasions, you should choose a tuxedo.

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