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Types Of Suits

Types Of Suits

1. Single-Breasted Suits

The classic single-breasted suit is known for its single row of buttons and is one of the most worn types of suit. This suit is usually seen with one button, however, it can also come with a single row of up to 3 buttons. With this suit, it's important to know the golden rule: Always leave the last button unbuttoned, if your blazer has more than one button. The fewer buttons the jacket has, the more casual the suit is. 



2. Double-Breasted Suits

The double-breasted suit comes with two parallel vertical rows of buttons, from either side of the blazer. In most cases, this suit is seen with 6 buttons, however, in rare cases, you can find it with 8 buttons in total. The minimum number of buttons you'll find is 4. Just like the single-breasted suit, it's essential to always leave the last button unbuttoned. This suit is a dressier version, compared to the single-breasted suit, and is more suited for formal occasions. If you're looking for a slimming effect, then this is the suit for you. Not only does it highlight your shoulders, but it also makes you appear leaner, and people may perceive you as taller. That's always a bonus, ain't it?


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